Sunday, August 13, 2017

Laura’s Review of Ruckus (Sinners of Saint, #2) by L.J. Shen



They say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They're right.
No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking.
He is my forbidden, shiny apple.
The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth.
He is also my sister's ex-boyfriend.
One thing you should know before you judge me;
I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first.
Eleven years later, he waltzed into my life, demanding a second chance.
Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman. My white knight has finally arrived. Hopefully, he isn’t too late.


They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest. They’re right.
She sets my mind on fire.
All smart mouth, snarky attitude and a huge heart.
In a world where everything is dull, she shines like fucking Sirius.
Eleven years ago, fate tore us apart.
This time, I dare it to try.
Getting to her is a battlefield, but man, that’s why they call me Ruckus.
Rosie LeBlanc is about to find out how hard I can fight.
And conquering her will be the sweetest victory. 

What I Loved
        I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next story in this series.  From word one I have been enamored with the Sinner of Saint series and each character has managed to not only suck me in but captivate me every single minute.  Worse, I can’t stop thinking about them when it’s all over and I just want more!  Of course, I had the same experience while reading Ruckus, I couldn’t wait to dive into Dean and Rosie’s story and all the drama and heartache again. 

        I loved how even though we knew Rosie and Dean before Ruckus, this story turned their character perceptions on their heads.  What I thought I knew about Dean was completely wrong, he always came off as the fun-loving guy from high school, who never had a care in the world but there was so much more to him.  Rosie was this sick girl who needed to be taken care of by her parents or her sister because of her disease, never seen as her own person but they both shatter those views in this book.  I loved the depths and the mystery behind both of them because it keeps you addicted as the reader and makes you fall in love with them and the plot.

Not So Much
        I’m keeping this short and sweet because I have no complaints about this book I loved it way too much.

To Sum It All Up!
        This was yet another amazing story written by L.J. Shen that I couldn’t get enough of.  The plot was thick with drama that had me smiling, crying, laughing, heated and totally in love.  I loved the complexity with not only the plot but with all of the characters and as you peeled back each layer you fell in love more and more with them.  The details were right on point, it was easy to imagine each scene and feelings running through each character because everything was written so beautifully.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Dean in this book, because he grew up to be quite the playboy and an asshole. It didn’t bother me that he dated in Rosie’s sister in high school because they both were past that point in their lives.  But he wasn’t the nicest person at times in Vicious so I wasn’t sure if he was the man that could step up and be the right person for Rosie, but he totally proved me wrong and I fell head over heels in love with him.

There are very few stories that make me feel as many emotions as Ruckus did, and there are no words to describe how amazing this story truly was.  I can’t recommend this book enough to people, it’s heavy with drama and determination and of course love! If you’re looking for something alluring with a little bit of mystery and a ton of drama than this is totally the book for you. 

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