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About Me
I used to absolutely used to hate reading, but about ten years ago I was really bored one night and decided to go to Target like I always do and picked up the first Harry Potter book.  I loved it so much I ended up buying the remaining of what was out in the series at that time and fell in love reading.  After that I started reading murder mysteries and paranormal genres.  But that all blew up when I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey and fell in major love with smutty romances.  E.L. James changed it all and although I have many book boyfriends now, Christian Grey will always be the first! 

I’m in my mid-thirties living in Central Jersey, and I probably read about 1 to 2 books a week.  I’m a sucker for stories that keep me guessing or have me questioning my own morals.  I frequently suffer from book hangovers and crave any story that will make me cry, laugh or want throw my ereader across the room.  I’m not an emotional eater, I’m an emotional reader! 

Some of Laura’s Top Tens
10 Fun Facts  
1.     My great great Uncle was a bootlegger in Detroit and his wife was a Madam of a whorehouse they lived next door to!
2.   I have a HUMUNGOUS family that lives all over the world; France, South Africa, Israel as well as all over America (Hawaii, Arkansas, Nevada, California, Maine, Colorado, Michigan, and many more states)
3.   My best friends from college were the girls I met on the very first day we all moved in and they have been my best friends ever since, plus we formed a secret society called  GSC (don’t ask me what it stands for; I could tell you but then I would have to kill you)
4.   I need to have noise around me all the time, so the TV or iHome is constantly on in the background every minute I am home
5.    I have an obsession with the country Sweden, I absolutely love it.  Although I’ve never been there lol. 
6.   I am ambidextrous 
7.    I have about 200 different colors of MAC eyes shadow; I am literally in LOVE with MAC
8.   I have a crazy good memory; it’s not photographic but it's pretty close.
9.   I used to hate reading because it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do in High School
10.      I was born in Los Angeles but moved to NJ when I was 3 so I consider myself a jersey girl.  Mostly because I don’t know to pump my own gas.

5 Favorite TV Shows & Movies

TV Shows
1.      True Blood
2.     Sons of Anarchy
3.     Friday Night Lights
4.     Arrested Development
5.     Sex and the City
1.      Almost Famous
2.     Sixteen Candles
3.     My Cousin Vinny
4.     Empire Records
5.     Pride & Prejudice

10 Songs on My Playlist Right Now
1.              Alive by Sia
2.            Army by Ellie Goulding
3.            Dancing on Glass by St. Lucia
4.            Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King
5.             Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys
6.            Someone New by Hozier
7.             Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov
8.            Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend
9.            When We Were Young by Adele
10.       Trouble by Cage the Elephant 

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