Sunday, August 13, 2017

Laura’s Review of The Last Guy By Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise

The first rule of office romance is don’t do it—especially if your dream is to hold the anchor spot on the nightly news and your boss is trying to get you fired.

But one look at Cade Hill, the sexy new sports director, and uptight reporter Rebecca Fieldstone is daydreaming about other things.

Sex in his office…
Sex in the on-set kitchen…
Sex in the supply closet…

She can’t stop thinking about the former NFL quarterback and how perfect he’d look between her sheets—except he’s an arrogant jerk with a huge… ego.

He’s the last guy she’d ever have a one-night stand with.

Cade Hill draws a thick professional line on office romance—until it comes to the hyper-focused Rebecca. He wants her, and he gets his wish when a chance encounter has them having the hottest sex of their lives.

It’s just a hook-up, she says.
When can we do it again? he says.

With Rebecca determined to keep Cade in the friend zone, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Cade to convince her he’s the last guy she’ll ever want.

THE LAST GUY is the first white-hot CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC COMEDY from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills and Tia Louise. It features Fireball-fueled hookups, Doritos Locos Tacos, attack monkeys, toddlers in tiaras, and one fabulous drag queen. Prepare for frantic clicking (or page flipping!) and smoking-hot sexytimes all the way to the out-of-this-world happily-ever-after.
What I Loved
First, I loved the hot sexual chemistry between Rebecca and Cade.  Right from the start it was obvious how attracted these two were to each other and watching them fight that for a while was pretty cute especially when they finally got to ripping each other’s clothes off.  Let me just say, when they finally do get down and dirty you will not be disappointed in the least!  The sex scenes were many and I loved every single one of them!

Not only was the romance sizzling, the comedy was quite funny as well.  The book starts out pretty funny from Rebecca’s point of view and things get a little crazy from there.  I would say there were definitely times that I was laughing out loud, and then there were times that my heart broke a little.  I love stories that can balance romance and comedy, with one element not taking away from the other this plot struck that equation perfectly. 

Not So Much
        I really like the premise of the book and the chemistry between Rebecca and Cade but there were times that the story just got a little too corny for me. Also, I felt like the characters became very stereotypical, fitting into certain boxes of what people would think they should act like and that got played up too much.  The love between Cade and Rebecca was great but laid on too thick towards the end and it turned me off a little.

To Sum It All Up!
        Overall this was a cute easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I loved the attraction between Rebecca and Cade and the sex scenes between were nothing short of sizzling! There are so many sex scenes to choose from I can’t tell you which one was my favorite because I loved them all.  I also loved the constant craziness that surrounded Rebecca during her news stories, they were freaking hilarious and for me as the reader endeared her more to me.

        The character development was great, and I did feel like I got to know both main characters well and what made them tick as people apart from their romance.  Although, I did feel like the secondary characters stories kind of got shuffled away because they were of no consequence to the actual plot.  The pace of the story was right on point and there was a ton of amazing detail added in.  It was easy to imagine just how sexy and easy-going Cade was, and how beautiful yet frazzled Rebecca was.  Like I said earlier, I did feel like the story but for me, it got a little too corny towards the end for me.  I just wanted to say, “cut it out with all the lovey dovey crap.”  But, if you’re looking for an erotic, funny read than this totally the book for you!

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