Sunday, March 26, 2017

Laura’s Review of Surrender (Carless Whispers, #3) By Lisa Renee Jones

Chris and Sara from Inside Out return in the explosive finale to Ella's story from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones with the third book in the sexy, suspenseful Careless Whispers series.

Passion burns fiercely hot between Ella Ferguson and Kayden Wilkens, the man who held secrets and lies in his hands, and then allowed them to fall into hers. But even though he has become her anchor—helping her recover from amnesia after finding her unconscious in an alley, and allowing her into his secret world—all is not what it seems. Kayden still has secrets, and pieces of Ella's past are still shrouded in the darkness of her mind, while the powerful man who hunts her will not stop until she is his. In this final, explosive novel in the Careless Whispers series, Ella discovers that while her life with Kayden didn't begin in that dark could easily end there.

What I Loved
        Oh my god!!! I couldn’t wait to begin reading Surrender, I needed to find out the end of Ella and Kayden’s story and the minute I began I couldn’t put this book down! I loved every minute of Surrender and was so freaking happy to finally have all the answers I have been waiting for! The book begins where Demand left off, something that I’ve been waiting for since the Inside Out series finally happened.  Sara and Ella were finally able to reconnect and that literally brought tears to my eyes.  Also, Ella is slowing remembering more parts of her past and with that more questions arise and so did my addiction to this series.  Huge bombs shells are dropped as she begins to remember more of her past and I loved every morsel I could get from her flashbacks.

      I think what I loved most about this part of the series was the connection between Ella and Kayden, they still had secrets between them but there was also trust, love and loyalty.  A true partnership had grown between them and I loved watching them operate together rather than Kayden trying to protect Ella and Ella questioning Kayden’s decisions.  The love they feel for one another shines through the most in this book and the scenes they had together scorched my kindle!  No matter what situation they were in, the chemistry between them was unmistakable and I couldn’t get enough of it! 

Not So Much
        I really have no complaints about the last installment in this series other than I want more Kayden and Ella!  It was wonderful that their struggles have come to end and they are going to live happily ever after but I’m going to miss them too much to just say goodbye.  Also, I wish there was more Chris and Sara in this book because I miss them too. 

To Sum It All Up!
        Overall this was an amazing way to end a series, many questions that came up in the first two books finally get answered and there is a ton of action and suspense.  I couldn’t put my kindle down the second I started reading and I loved that I truly didn’t know how all of this would end for Ella and Kayden.  There were so many twists and turns that my heart was pounding out of my chest at times, which just proved to me how emotionally invested I was.  Lisa Renee Jones has a way of creating a world of mystery and seduction, although that can be frustrating at times I love every minute of it and can’t get enough. 

        I really enjoyed Kayden and Ella’s relationship because they formed a true partnership between them, where Kayden trusted in Ella’s ability to protect herself and Ella trusted in Kayden’s decisions.   Even though Kayden was this powerful alpha who wanted to protect Ella and never let her out of his sight, he still let her into his world and believed in her loyalty.  I am truly going to miss these two so much, as well as Chris and Sara but I am so happy they all found their happily ever after. 

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