Sunday, March 26, 2017

Laura’s Review of Incentive (Infidelity World) by Pam Godwin

Desperate men do desperate things.
When Decker Gabrielli hits rock bottom, he accepts a job as a hired companion at Infidelity.
Surrendering a year of his life to a woman he’s never met might be the worst idea ever. But money, prestige, and sex are powerful incentives. That is, until the job becomes more than a contractual agreement.
Hard limits are breached, panties are shredded, and rules are broken.
In the end, his secret to getting ahead is… her.

What I Loved
I’ve always been a fan of Pam Godwin books and even though this was a novella the story reminded me once again why I love her so much.  Decker Gabrielli is a character that was to relate to, root for and want him to find happiness.  The story beings with him getting fired, not enough money to pay for heat in his apartment and isn’t quite sure where his next paycheck will be coming from.  Decker has truly hit rock bottom and once you find how he got there, your heart breaks for him.  His luck changes when he is introduced to the mysterious world of Infidelity.
        Just like him I was so anxious and excited to see who was going to get paired with! It was really cool to see how the company works outside of what I knew of it from the Infidelity series.  Right away Laynee and Decker had sparks flying everywhere no matter how hard Laynee tried to push him away.  I loved the chemistry between them and no matter what, Decker was determined to break down all of Laynee’s walls.

Not So Much
        I really don’t have any complaints, I guess my only hang up was how predictable the story was.  I think I would’ve liked some surprises or something that I didn’t see coming.  But I understand that this is a novella and because of that you can only fit so much into a story.

To Sum It All Up!
        Overall I really enjoyed watching Decker and Laynee discover each other and fall in love.  I loved how determined Decker was at proving to Laynee that there are good guys out there still.  Laynee was someone my heart went out to from the very beginning and it was easy to see why Decker was so drawn to her.  Decker is so freaking hot and adorable, and I loved getting to know him.  Even though this a novella, it’s a story packed with drama and sensuality and I loved every minute of it!

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