Friday, November 11, 2016

Laura’s Review of Silver (All That Glitters, #4) By K.A. Linde


Stacia Palmer had one goal in life--to become an NFL quarterback’s wife.

For the past three years, she’s seduced her way through the university’s football line-up. But when she finally has a quarterback fresh off the draft, Stacia experiences a shocking change of heart. One that sends her back to the place she never thought she'd return to.


Once there, she finds that no one believes her. Least of all Pace Larson, her sexy on-again off-again ex who has never quite gotten over her leaving him for someone else. Of course, he’s now the starting quarterback and determined to claim her as his prize.

But can Stacia give him a second chance when he’s toyed with her emotions into the fourth quarter? Or will they run out of time? 

What I Loved
        Yes! Finally getting to Stacia’s story!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and when I finally did I ate up every single word and loved every minute of it.  Stacia at first wasn’t my favorite person in this series; in the beginning, she came off shallow and just didn’t offer anything meaningful.  But just like Bryna like she grew on me and eventually I couldn’t wait for her to have her own happily ever after. 

        Right from the beginning of Silver, Stacia experiences a quarter life crises of sorts and reevaluates her life.  I liked that because it made her more relatable and easier for me to get emotionally involved in the plot.  Instead of Stacia being the life of the party as she has been in the past, she finds herself single for the first time in a long time and wanting to pursue a career in journalism.  Of course, Pace is always there in the background to support her and I loved the chemistry between them.  I’m sucker for an emotional roller coaster and this book totally took me for the ride of my life!

Not So Much
        There was so much I loved about this story so this section is going to be quite small.  I loved almost every part of this book but I do wish there was just mort detail added in.  I got some description of what Stacia’s apartment looked like but not a lot and then when she moved in with Pace there was even less.  I love when authors add in a lot of background detail to reflect the character’s personality because it adds to the depth and the layers sucking me in even more.

To Sum It All Up!
       Overall this was a bitter sweet read for me, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Silver, but at the same time I didn’t want to say good to this series.  I didn’t think I could grow to love a series so much that involved characters that at first I didn’t particularly like.  It showed true character development and growth and how amazing the writing was that as a reader I went from distaste to absolute adoration.

        Silver was unique for me because not only did not I like Stacia in the beginning but I hated Pace in Diamonds.  He was such an asshole to Bryna and so mean to mostly everyone that he had a lot to prove, but by the end I totally fell in love with him.  The attraction between Stacia and Pace was evident from the start of this book, so it was hard to see Stacia fight that because I wanted them together so badly. 

        It was great to not only see Stacia get her happy ending but to also see all the other character’s lives progress as well.  I loved seeing Eric and Bryna grow together and the same for Trihn and Damon.  This was such a wonderful series which a lot of dynamic characters that reel you in and keep you emotionally attached to them long after their stories is done.  I’m a huge fan of K.A. Linde and every book I read of hers she proves to me why I love her all over again and Silver was no exception to that rule.
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