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Laura’s Review of Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick, #4) by Kristen Ashley

If you LOVED Heavy Issues (Bowen, #2) by Elle Aycart, Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3) by Cherrie Lynn, Axel (Corps Security, #1) then you will LOVE this book!!!!!

Basic Summary
                  Jules has got a score to settle against the drug dealers of Denver.  Vance has made it his mission that Jules won’t get dead while dishing out vigilante justice.  Jules doesn’t have time for romance, she’s too busy saving the world and she enlists Zip (gun store owner).  Heavy (an ex-PI) and Frank (a mysterious recluse) to help. 

                The Rock Chick of Fortnum’s Bookstore get involved to provide romantic advice and guidance, none of which Jules accepts at first.  The Hot Bunch of Nightingale’s Investigations adopt Jules as one of their own.  Even though Jules tries to hang on to her inner Head Crackin’ Mamma Jamma, the Rock Chicks; Hot Bunch; Jule’s long-suffering Uncle Nick; Jule’s friend the rotund, African American, Jackie-O wannabe, May; and especially Vance will stop at nothing to wear her down.

                But Jules makes some bad guys pretty angry and one is dedicated to taking her out.  Vance and the Hot Bunch have to pull out all the stops to keep her alive.   At the same time, Jules and Vance learn the true meaning of home but once they find this precious entity they've been searching for all their lives, will Jules’s enemies tear it away?

What I Love About This Book
                I think one of the things that draw me to Kristen Ashley’s books so much is that the female leads don’t take shit from other people.  There are tons of alpha males in her books, but there are alpha females as well in almost all her books.  Rock Chick Renegade takes alpha female to a whole new level with Jules, because she is an ass kicking, bad mamma jamma, rock chick!!! She rules, and I absolutely love everything about her.  She doesn't get on my nerves as much as some of the other rock chicks with their constant denial of being in love with a bad boy hot bunch. 

                Plus of course I absolutely love Vance; you just want to reach out and rescue the little boy that he once was and cuddle up to him every night.  I just want to be in Jules’s position next him in bed and play with his long hair all night long.  He’s such a great character and I was so happy to finally get to his story and have him find the love of his life.  There was definitely a lot of touching moments with Vance talking about his past and his family, and you experience first-hand at a certain part in the book and you just want to hold his hand and make him realize everything is going to be okay.  My heart went out to Vance so many times in this book and I just fell so totally in love with him.

                There is definitely a lot of touching moments in this book and a couple tear jerkers as well, and towards the end of the book my jaw literally hit the ground, my heart rate went through the roof and I went into a total freak out!  Just total and complete freaking out, then I calmed down….and eventually started reading again.  That’s probably what I loved most about this book, the fact that it completely surprised me, hard my heart in my throat and me screaming.  Things don’t shock me a lot anymore, but this book gave me a jolt! 

                I don’t have lots of cons for this book.  It definitely kind of broke away from the same perpetual Rock Chick cycle in some ways, and stayed the same in others.  I just wish for once these women wouldn't be rejecting their new relationships.  Mix it up a little bit more!!! The constant being together then five minutes later wanting to break up than two minutes later making out and having hot sex gets tiring after reading the fourth book in a row like this.  I need more variety when it comes to the female leads, please!!!

                This was probably one of the most powerful books in this series so far.  Vance and Jules just seem to fit so well together and I just love them.  Vance has been in a lot of the other books so it was so great finally getting to his story.  I loved the little man fight between Luke and Vance, and I definitely glad to get more of Luke in this book. 

                There are a lot of twists and turns in this story and TONS going on.  Of course this book added a whole new cast of characters to the Rock Chick family and that obviously just makes this book so much better.  Tex has me cracking up every time he comes onto the scene, I can’t get enough of this dude and I wish he was real so he could make me some coffee! 

                Kristen Ashley to me excels when it comes to background details and supporting character development in my opinion.  To me it’s what makes all these stories she writes so amazing, and stands out amongst other series similar to hers.  These characters seem so real that by the time you have finished the book you felt like you've lived with these people and it’s hard to say good bye to them.   The great part of this series and many of Kristen Ashley’s series is that you really never have to say good bye to them because they pop up throughout the series and sometimes other series of hers as well!  I love Vance and Jules they are so adorable together, their story made an awesome book and I can’t wait to see what their future brings.  

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