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Laura’s Review of Hyde’s Absolution (Sydney Storm MC, #4) By Nina Levine

Monroe Lee is a handful.
She fights me, challenges me and tries to resist me.

Where I’m jagged, she’s smooth.
Where I’m dark, she’s pure.
Where I’m broken, she’s whole.

I am not a good man.
I’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever loved.
I should walk away before I ruin her too.

But fuck, we are fire together.
And I’ve been out in the cold too long.

At a time when everything is falling down around me, she might just be my saviour.

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for.

This series is best read in order

What I Loved
I was so happy to jump back into the Sydney Storm MC world and get into Hyde’s story, he’s always been somewhat of an elusive character that I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about. As much as I couldn’t wait to get back into this world, I didn’t know how I would feel about reading his story because I didn’t exactly love Hyde.  Saying that, by the end of the story I was fully invested in him and fell in love with him!

I loved how the story opened, showing you Hyde’s past and then fast forwarding to the present and to show you the true impact of his decisions.  I can see why people would be turned off by Hyde for his past choices, but for me what he went through and how it killed him made me understand him more and endear him more to me.  Also, I love his alpha attitude because it made him damn sexy lots of times throughout the book and I loved his attraction to Monroe from the start.

        Monroe was character that I liked from the very beginning, her spunk and attitude makes her a no bullshit type of gal which is right up my alley. I loved how she always stood up for her convictions and didn’t take shit from no one, including Hyde.  I loved the fights between them as much as I loved their attraction and how all that lead to massive sparks. 
Not So Much
        My only real complaint about the story was I felt like the plot of Sydney Storm and Hyde’s back story became too big in comparison to the love story.  I get that this series has an overarching plot linking the series together but Monroe didn’t come into the story until a couple chapters in, and for a minute I was confused if this story was about Hyde and his ex-wife or Hyde and Monroe.  I didn’t have a problem with laying out Hyde’s plot and his backstory per say, but as a reader you are so deep into it and then suddenly it switches to Monroe, when I felt like that should’ve happened a little bit earlier on.  This is supposed to be a romance at its core, and I felt like that got over shadowed at times.

To Sum It All Up!
        Overall, I was happy with Hyde’s Absolution, I always love the drama and suspense in every Storm MC book and this one is no exception.  I’ve always been a fan of a series that has a common plot throughout it because you can really amp up the suspense and tension, and with every book that is exactly what is happening in this series.  The violence and drama amps up significantly in this one and breaks your heart at certain points, I will not say more than that because I don’t want to give anything away. 

        I loved Monroe’s attitude and her passion, I think she is what sucked me into this story the most and kept me reading.  In so many ways this girl is my hero because she puts up with zero bullshit and lays it all out there when it’s needed.  Also, I loved the chemistry between her and Hyde because they fed off each other so well and the sexual attraction between them sizzled all the time.  Even though their love came at an inconvenient time, they made it work and I loved how Hyde still dedicated his time to Monroe with all the shit swirling around his life.  I really enjoyed their journey together and watching them fall in love and build a life together.  There is a cliff hanger at the end leading the reader into the next book in this series, which I cannot wait for, so if you hate cliff hangers wait until King’s Wrath comes out. 
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  1. Thank you so much for your review, Laura! I love Monroe too <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed it xx