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Laura’s Review of Struck from the Record (Record, #4) by K.A. Linde

Clay Maxwell is a smart, quick witted, sex-driven, manwhore with the good looks to match. Plenty of women have shared his bed, but only one has ever been constant, Andrea.

Their rules were simple. When they’re together, it’s just the two of them. When they’re apart, anything is fair game. And it worked. For ten years.

But one of them has changed the game…

Clay must decide if his player ways are worth losing the one girl who has always been there.
What I Loved
          I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book!! Clay has always fascinated me because of the sparks between him and Liz as well as his weird relationship with Andrea, so to say I was ecstatic when Struck from the Record was released is an understatement.  When things were heating up between Brady and Liz, Clay was there to liven things and hit on Liz whenever he got the chance, which kept me wondering; what kind of deal do Clay and Andrea have going on here? Well I’m glad to say that in the very beginning that burning question was answered and definitely made things interesting in a very good way!

         The story begins after Liz and Brady’s engagement and with Clay’s clerkship with the Supreme Court winding down.  Obviously Clay has some big decisions to make when it comes to his career and as the plot progresses we see that Andrea isn’t happy with the way things have been going between them for the past ten years either.   Which I don’t blame her, the fact that she put up with him for ten years makes that woman a saint and for me that’s probably why I felt in love with her and made her relatable.  I was iffy about her from the previous books but once I got her decisions and where she was coming from I was to really like her and understand her.

          Clay’s enigmatic personality drew me in immediately and kept my attention the entire time.  I hated how quickly I was reading but I couldn’t put the book down because this hot sexy man had taken over my brain!  There are so many sides to this dude, and I knew from the previous books that I had just skimmed the surface of what makes Clay tick.  I love his flirtatiousness, how he makes people laugh, how he can be a total goof one minute then a true romantic the next.  If anyone goes through the biggest character shift, it’s Clay hands down.  His relationship with Andrea takes a huge turn which throws him into a tailspin that has him questioning everything about himself.  I enjoyed watching him struggle to put the pieces of his life back together and woo the woman he’s been in love with since he was a kid. 
Not So Much
          What I loved most about Clay from the other books was how playful he was with Liz and the other people around him.  He always had this personality that kind of drew people in and made you laugh and blush and just want more.  But in this book we don’t get to see a ton of that and I wish it was there a little more.  I get that him and Andrea are going through some major changes in their lives and this book is about him taking his life more seriously for once, I just wish we got see more of that Clay I loved than just a passing glance. 
To Sum It All Up!
        Overall this was another wonderful book by K.A. Linde!  I absolutely love the Record the series and after finishing I have added two new characters to my favorites list.  When it comes to Clay the question really is, what isn’t there to love.  I began this story loving his flirtations and outgoing personality to then falling in love with his devotion and romanticism.  The chemistry between Clay and Andrea sizzled from the start, I loved when they were able to be alone together so they could rip each other’s clothes off.  But what I think that made them so enjoyable together the most was that Andrea was a strong female lead.  She wasn’t some inexperienced wallflower who sat by the phone wondering when Clay was going to call.  She had her own life and her own success and that’s what I loved most about her.  Andrea didn’t take things lying down and knew that she had certain goals in her life and found ways to achieve them.  I loved the games her and Clay played with each other and the emotional tug of war between them kept me addicted to the plot from beginning to end. 

          I absolutely love this series, and although this story focuses around Clay and Andrea big things happen with the side characters, especially with Liz and Brady.  I’m not going to say what, but I will say I had happy tears in my eyes.  As well as the plot being set up for Savannah’s story in Broken Record, which let me say I can’t freaking wait for!  Struck for the Record had a ton going on, it was a plot filled with so much emotion and chemistry that I couldn’t get enough of it.  I love the Maxwell family and to see all of them progress and grow has truly been amazing!
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