Friday, May 1, 2015

Laura’s Review of Unrestricted by Kimberly Bracco!!!

The emotional conclusion to Inhibitions....

Earning forgiveness isn’t easy. Especially when you can’t forgive yourself.

How do you begin to right your wrongs?

What do you do when you realize you love someone but you’ve already pushed them away?

What happens when one foolish decision alters your entire world forever?

How can love recover after devastating heartbreak and betrayal?

What happens when everything becomes unrestricted? 

What I Loved
          It’s been awhile since a book has blown me away and this one totally did.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this ARC and when I was did I was practically drawling to begin reading it.  Once again Kimberly Bracco managed to suck in immediately.  I couldn’t put this story down, and of course began it and finished it in a little over 24 hours.

          I couldn’t wait to find out how Tanner was going to crawl his way out of the ginormous hole he made for himself and I will just say I was not disappointed in the least.  Once again the heat between Tanner and Ashley is palpable even if its pure hatred between these two it still burns the pages. 

          I thought I knew where this story was going to go but of course the plot took a HUGE left turn in a direction I never would’ve guessed and I loved every minute of it.  I crave books that put me through the ringer, that can bring tears to my eyes at points and then put big goofy smiles on my face the next second. This story definitely brought more tears then smiles at certain points and totally broke my heart at others but still just a wonderful story. 

Not So Much
          This was such an emotional story and I loved every minute of it, and I get that this is a continuation of a story rather than a standalone but I felt that things could’ve been elaborated a little bit more from the first book.  There wasn’t a ton of description of Tanner or Ashley’s looks as well as Quinn and Alex, I understand that was talked about in Inhibitions but to touch base a little would’ve been nice.  A reader could read these two books months apart and forget what town the story takes place what the characters look like, and what their homes look like.  I’m not saying to go into as much details as Inhibitions but just add a paragraph in there, that’s all.  But I read an ARC so those little details might be there in the final print.

To Sum It All Up!
          This was such a powerful and emotional story, truly showing the highs and lows of relationships and coming out the other side.  Of course since I am a HUGE Jets fan one of my dreams does come true in this book so I thank you very much for that Kimberly Bracco.  Of course Tanner pissed me off at the end of Inhibitions but he definitely more than earned my love back for him by the end of this story.  There were times when this was story was sexy, then there were times when it was gut wrenching and I was engrossed in every single word of it.  I cannot wait to see what Kimberly Bracco writes next because I will be first in line to buy it!  

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