Saturday, May 13, 2017

Laura’s Review of Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys


Our first meeting as neighbors was screwed from the start.
He was hot. I was naked. And we had no chance in hell at ever being platonic.

I’ll be the first to admit that I live at extremes. After going ten years locked in what felt like a dysfunctional marriage, I’m now decidedly boy-free. In nearly three years I’ve had no boyfriends, no flings, no dates and no sex. For the sake of my dream career, the sacrifice has been easy.

At least it was.

Until he came along.

Lukas Hendricks. He’s rude, gorgeous, arrogant – a stone-carved wall of muscle and distraction. He’s everything I know to avoid but there’s no avoiding your next-door neighbor. Oh yeah. The man now lives three steps from me and to make matters worse, he crashed into my life while I was relaxed in the tub – mortifying to say the least and it went something like this: I was exposed. He looked. He laughed.

And then I locked myself out.

In short, Lukas Hendricks was trouble from the start. And me?

I was – for the first time in years – about to be screwed. 

What I Loved
        This was a cute fun read that I really enjoyed. The story opens with Lia trying to have a nice relaxing night alone when Lukas comes along and shakes things up for her. Right away the entire scenario put a smile on my face, it might’ve had something to do with a semi naked and very wet Lia, or it could’ve been the smart-ass but hot new neighbor, Lukas.

        From then on, their relationship and feelings for each other grow no matter how much they fight it.  I loved how Lukas teased Lia constantly, it totally took the sexual tension between the two of them up several notches and I couldn’t wait for them to start ripping each other’s clothes off. 

        Lukas might come across as a total smartass, a man whore who plays by his own rules.  But as the story continues you learn there is so much more to this amazing man.  I love all the different sides to Lukas, he added so much more depth to the plot and sucked me in emotionally.

Not So Much
        Overall I have no huge complaints about this story.  There were some aspects that I wished more details were added in when it came to background descriptions.  Also, there were some inconsistencies with characters that had me a little whiplashed at times.  One minute a certain character would be all nice and sweet and then the next they were evil with no real transition.  It was just oddly written to me, it didn’t make sense.  I got the reasoning behind it but just the way it was written, it came off broken and had me shaking my head.

To Sum It All Up!
        I really loved watching Lia and Lukas fall in love with each other no matter how much they didn’t want to.  Lukas wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone, never wanting to settle down, thinking he didn’t deserve that.  There was so much to this character that by the end I can promise you, you will fall head over heels in love with this man. 

        Lia, on the other hand had my heart right away.  I loved her spunk and how she risked it all to follow her dreams no matter what people thought of her.  She worked hard for everything she got and because of Lia I was emotionally invested in this story instantly.  My heart broke along with hers, and when she was happy so was I! If you are someone who loves a steamy story that involves truffles and smart ass males then this is the book for you!

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