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Laura’s Review of Never Give Up By Heidi Lis

Micah Taylor

My first love.
My first time.
My first heartbreak.

Letting him in was easy.
Forgetting him was damn near impossible.

Five years have now passed…never forgetting.
Five long years that couldn’t erase…his memories…my regrets.

Now he’s back!

What happens when the heartbreak of the past discovers your most guarded secret?


Lies are told, secrets are exposed, and the heartache of the past force me to reveal the most sacred part of my soul. The day I feared the most was now upon me. How can I survive this yet again, losing him once was bad enough…losing him a second time would destroy me.

I do the only thing I can...

I’m Elsa Winters, and this is my story!

Be advised this book is for mature audiences.

What I Loved
                First of all I’m a huge sucker for second chance romances and lost loves coming back into people’s lives so this book was right up my alley!! Micah and Elsa always had this deep connection that no matter how many years went by could never really be broken and that was evident from beginning to end.  The love they felt for each other poured off the pages and immediately captured my heart. 

          I really loved that that the prologue was set five years in the past so we got to feel how much Elsa loved Micah and then five years later see how the devastation of losing him still affected her.  Also, you knew Elsa had this deep dark secret and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was and then you when do it just made me love her even more.  There are so many emotions that come up while reading this story and I thoroughly felt each and every single one of them. 

          I can truly say that both Elsa and Micah were strong characters that were easy to love from the very start.  Even though Micah doesn’t really come into the play until a little later on, you don’t entirely hate him and he almost immediately swept me off my feet.  The unconditional love he feels for Elsa is evident the second they lay eyes on each other again and to watch their love blossom was really amazing. 
Not So Much
   Right from the beginning the details for me were very much lacking in a lot of aspects.  The prologue has this great description of how beautiful Micah’s eyes are and how handsome he is, but the same attention is not paid to Elsa.  I get that most of this story is form her point of view and it’s hard to sometimes fit in a physical description right away, but when there is all this talk about the male character’s looks and not one description towards the female for a while, it starts to get on my nerves.  Of course after some time there is a physical description of Elsa but very limited compared to the male character in the book and I can’t stand when the female lead doesn’t get the same attention paid towards her as the male character does.

          Also towards the end there are a ton of details about the house and the clothing and all those kind of background descriptions that are important, but in the beginning of the book there was very little if not anything.  There wasn’t really any detail about Liza and Elsa’s apartment or even what kind of neighborhood they live in.  All those little things are so important when setting the foundation for aplot and I found those lack of details frustrating.

          Another thing that kind of annoyed me as well was the sappiness and maybe that’s just me so I’m not going to knock the story too much for that.  I just felt like at times, especially the male characters, were written a little too cheesy for my taste.  But that’s just my opinion, I’m a sucker for a strong alpha character who doesn’t cry a lot so when I come across criers it’s a big turn off for me.
To Sum It All Up!
                Overall this was a very quick and easy ready for me that captured my heart and put me through all kind of emotions.  I really enjoyed the premise and like I said before I’m a sucker for second chance romances and this one fit the bill!  I loved watching Micah and Elsa rediscover each other again as adults not as high school kids and build a life together no matter how difficult it may be.

          There were some parts toward the end I did feel were a little rushed to maybe sum it all up and finish the story so I wish it was maybe a few pages longer but I get it.  It could just be that I wanted more Elsa and Micah together!  The love that these two share is truly remarkable and the chemistry between them sparked the second they saw each other after five years no matter the drama going on around them. This was my first Heidi Lis book and I can officially say I’m a fan now and can’t wait to read her other ones.  If you’re looking for a cute emotional New Adult Romance then this is certainly the story for you!

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