Sunday, August 7, 2016

Laura’s Review of Derision by Trisha Wolfe

*Dark erotic standalone that may have triggers

Here at Lark and Gannet, you’ll work directly under the partners, being groomed by the most powerful, all-male partnership to handle an exclusive clientele. While within The Firm, your level of training goes deeper, requiring more…varied tasks, which you’re obligated to perform to your Master’s pleasing.

Are you nervous? You should be. Chase Larkin has chosen you to be his submissive.

Alexis Wilde, will you submit?

All I wanted was to save my brother. Something my parents failed to do—and then, I failed him also. As an introvert, getting ahead in the cutthroat law firm required a level of ego stroking I didn’t posses, and that meant my talents were overlooked. Until Chase Larkin noticed me.

My erotic fantasy come to life, Chase is all powerful, all man, all dominant. In one night, he changed my life irrevocably. Now I’m ruined, destined to crave him forever. His scent. His taste. His brutal touch…

If I never followed him to his office that night, then none of this would’ve happened. A serial rapist on the prowl. Our lives in jeopardy. And only a moment—one pivotal moment—to decide our fate. His life or mine. 

*This is a full length, standalone dark romance with an antihero that may trigger uncomfortable feelings for the reader. The court proceedings are centered around a rape case. Although there is no onscreen rape in this book, there are instances of rough sex and violent debasement for the main character. 

What I Loved         

         I loved how the story started off, a total cliffhanger in the beginning that had me hooked and needing to find out how everything got to this point.  From then on I was addicted, and one main reason was definitely Chase Larkin!  There was this aura that surrounded him every time he walked onto a scene, when it was Alexis’ point of view you instantly needed to know more about him.  When it was from Chase’s point of view as the reader you could feel his power and dominance with every word.  

          My heart really broke for Alexis from the beginning; she’s this woman just trying to get by with the entire world resting on her shoulders.  At every corner she turns there seems to be people putting her down and my heart just went out to her.  Also, there was something about her that I was able to relate to on some level which hooked me emotionally.

          The sex scenes between Chase and were scorching!  They were definitely packed with intensity and just raw animal attraction.  Chase was able to dig into Alexis’ submissive side and expose it in all the right ways.  Alexis was definitely a natural submissive and watching her explore this whole new side of her was hot and very enjoyable.

Not So Much
          There wasn’t much I didn’t love about this story but the one thing that got me was I kept on waiting for something more.  This is supposed to be a BDSM story and there was definitely submission and dominance but there was always a promise of it getting more intense or going to another level and it just never did.  I felt like I was waiting for that moment for Chase to completely let go and things to get really kinky between them and it just didn’t happen.

          I felt the same way about the ending as well, the minor storylines were wrapped up too quickly with very little explanation.  There was this whole lead up after the prologue and I loved that but after that the story just ended with a promise of something more.  I felt like subplots fell away with no explanation or conclusion.

To Sum It All Up!
           I had been waiting for a hot erotic story for some time and I was so excited to get my hands on this one.  Of course I was not disappointed in the least!  The very essence of Chase Larkin hooked me immediately and I loved watching him come apart for this woman.  I’m a sucker for powerful men with a kinky side (thank you Fifty Shades) so this book fit the bill!  Alexis’ natural submission and need for punishment fit right into Chases’ life and the chemistry between them sparked every time their eyes met. 

          There was a lot going on to keep my attention throughout the story, and I loved that the points of view shifted between Chase and Alexis.  It added depth to the foundation and support the character development as well.  Watching all the mind games Chase played with his colleagues made me edgy at times, while experiencing him falling in love with Alexis put a huge smile my face.  I love stories I can get emotionally involved in and this one sucked me in from the very first page.  This was my first Trisha Wolfe book but I can honestly say I am now a huge fan!

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