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Pennies (Dollars, #1) By Pepper Winters Blog Tour & Review!!!

“A beaten slave and a richly dressed thief. Money is what guided their separate fates. Money is what brought them together. And money is ultimately what destroys them.”

Meet Elder in Pennies,
Pepper Winters’ newest Dark Romance Series!
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“At 18 I had pennies, but money didn’t make me bold. At 19 I had dollars, but it didn’t dull the pain of being sold. At 20 I had hundreds, but then I met him and was found. At 21 I had thousands, but all I wanted was to be bound.”

“At 23 I had dollars, but life changed and made me rich. At 25 I had hundreds, but it wasn’t enough to stop my killing itch. At 27 I had thousands, but my reputation didn’t set me free. At 29 I had millions, but I met her and could finally see.”

Tasmin was killed on her 18th birthday. She had everything planned out. A psychology degree, a mother who pushed her to greatness, and a future anyone would die for. But then her murderer saved her life, only to sell her into a totally different existence.

Elder went from penniless to stinking rich with one twist of fate. His lifetime of crime and shadows of thievery are behind him but no matter the power he now wields, it’s not enough. He has an agenda to fulfil and he won’t stop until it’s complete.

But then they meet.

A beaten slave and a richly dressed thief. Money is what guided their separate fates. Money is what brought them together. And money is ultimately what destroys them.

She was poor.

He was rich.

Together…they were bankrupt.

Fuck this.

I stalked forward.

My hand came up.

The urge to soothe her catapulted my fingers to her cheek. My skin erupted from her delicate heat. I’d already had my single touch when I’d petted her hair. I wasn’t permitted a second.

But it didn’t stop me.

One second, she stood close, arching her chin at the door.

The next, she was across the cage, flying into a stack of boxes that tumbled in a clatter of butcher knives, butter knives, and sharp forks.
Her eyes turned luminous in the gloom, locking on mine with rage.


I’d forgotten myself by feeling sorry for this beaten wraith, but she hadn’t forgotten her overwhelming hatred of men.

I didn’t look away. But I didn’t explain myself, either.

I’d borrowed her for the night. If I wanted to touch her, I could. The fact that she’d leapt away meant I could report her to her master and have her punished.

Or you could punish her instead.

The distance between us grew thicker as we breathed fast.

I waited…wanting to know just how deep her education in pleasure flowed. Tearing her gaze from mine, she swallowed hard. Piece by piece, she hid her loathing, replacing it with reluctant acceptance.

Inching closer, her toes nudged aside sharp blades as she made her way to me and fell to her knees on the cold concrete.

Half of me jolted with insane lust. Most of me shied away with repulsion as her straggly hair covered her face but not before I saw the twisted disgust and echoing despair.

“Get up,” I murmured. Even though my voice was low, the cavern of the garage amplified it, layering it with bite.

Instantly, she swooped up. The crackle of her joints and misused cartilage in her bones sounded like tiny gunfire.

“Don’t kneel. Not in here.” 

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Millions (Book Five)
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What I Loved

         I’m not even sure where to begin because there are so many things about this book I loved.  Pepper Winters once again has dragged me into this deep dark world of abuse, mind games, deceit, lies, and violence and I don’t want to leave! Every story written by Pepper is always multilayered and built on a strong foundation leading you down a rabbit hole you’re not sure where it will lead but guaranteed to be amazing and Pennies is no different.  Dark Romance does not describe this plot enough, the abuse that Pimlico endures for two years cannot be put into words, but Pepper Winters does it beautifully and with every page you feel it deep in your heart.

          The story opens up with Pimlico kidnapped from an event, getting ready to be sold off to the highest bidder as a slave.  Right away you understand the devastation that Tasmin/Pimlico feels at the time, she knows what is about to happen to her but you can’t really wrap your head around what comes up next.  The cruelty this girl goes through is nothing less than horrific and to live like that for over two years is mind boggling. 

          The minute Elder Prest walks into her master’s house I knew immediately things have changed permanently for this girl and I knew quickly I didn’t want him to leave!  The connection between them is instant and the magnetism undeniable.  Yet there are so many layers to Elder Prest that by the end of this book I feel like it hasn’t even scratched the surface of who he truly is.  The same can also be said for Pimlico as well; as her circumstances change I’m excited to see who this girl will become. 
Not So Much
          My only complaint was that I got some description of Alrik’s house, and you get the monochromatic feeling of his overall mansion but there isn’t a ton of description either.  For example, you don’t really know the layout of it, where his bedroom is compared to Pim’s or just how big it truly is.  The lack of description might’ve been done on purpose and I don’t want to give away too much as to why so I’m not going to dwell on that negative a lot. 
To Sum It All Up!
          Pepper Winters writes dark romances but this story certainly takes a darker tone than the others.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for a character Pimlico shows me I can be very wrong.  The desperation and depression this poor girl feels captured my heart from the very beginning and I am truly addicted to this series because of her.  There were times when I wasn’t sure I wanted her to fight or I wanted her to give in and die because of how horrible her situation was.  That’s how much this story sucks you in!

       The connection between Pim and Elder is felt right away by the reader and the minute he walks into that house you don’t want him to ever leave.  I didn’t care who the hell he was at a certain point, all I cared about was who was he was to Pim and what he could do for her because I was so taken by this girl.  He definitely is a dark horse himself and of course there is somewhat of cliff hanger at the end of that leaves you wanting to know everything about this dude.  I know there is so much more of this story to come and I can’t wait for it all to play out! I’m once again addicted to another Pepper Winters series and I love every minute of it!!!

Meet the Author
Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex... her books have sex.

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.

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