Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Uniform Fetish Anthologies Blog Tour,Giveaway and Character Interview has arrived!!!

Uniform Fetish Anthologies
19 Authors – A lot of great Stories!
Does the sight of a cop’s badge—or his handcuffs—make your pulse race?  Do you drive by your local firehouse just to catch a glimpse of your favorite fireman? Ever peek in the cockpit just to check out the captain?

If you agree the only thing sexier than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked an assortment of sizzling hot, uniformed heroes to satisfy your uniform fetish.

Uniform Fetish Authors
Cat’s Rescue by Doris O’Connor
To Serve and Protect by Sandra Bunino
Wilde Start by Susan Hayes
Person of Interest by Lila Shaw
A Passionate Witness by Moira Callahan  Always by Donina Lynn
Wings of Gold by Evie Knight
Unshakable Me by S.J. Maylee
Welcome Home, Jason by Wren Michaels
First Class by Meredith J. Scott

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Uniform Fetish Manlove Edition Authors
Rain and Promises by Elizabeth Monvey
Fine Dining by Nicola Cameron
The Layover by Gale Stanley
Scars by James Cox
A Walk on the Wild Side by Pelaam
Real Life Role Play by Tamsin Baker
Mile High Rebound by L.D. Blakeley
The British Are Coming by Lilith Duvalier
Fired Up by Lucy Felthouse

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Character Interview!
In celebration of Uniform Fetish, Manlove edition, I thought that my character Devin may like to hear from a sub in a real life D/s relationship. I asked five questions. The answers have been slightly edited with his permission

1) How does it feel to give up control?
I know I will fail in words to describe what it is. Fear slams you first. It grips you so tight then loosening its hold, because it's still your choice. Although you have given up control you are the most powerful person in the scene because you hold all the control. You are not just giving your control over to that person, but your trust, your safety, your vulnerability. It’s a sense of letting go of being free, of being powerless, and yet knowing you are in the hands of another…hands that can inflict sweet pain, or beautiful torment…or endless pleasure… safe hands… careful hands… loving hands.

2) Spanking; hand, crop or paddle, do you have a preference and if so why?
My favorite is the crop but not for the striking or hitting. Yes, maybe the first bite of it to remind you how it can sting, but the way the crop gets used as an extension of his hand, trailing over your body, mapping the folds of your skin, flicking over a nipple or being dragged along your body, feeling the skin tighten. The build up and then…his finger is under your chin, and he kisses you.
Spanking with bare hands? It always comes back to the hands doesn't it? Big, warm, strong hands, hands that can make love and inflict pain. Spankings are always hot but they need to be done with bare hands. Feeling the supremacy in his strike, the mastery in his technique delivering a blow that stings just enough not to blur the line between brutal and sweetly painful. Only to trace that hand over that warm spot, hear him puff out his chest, growl even or murmur at his handiwork, his mark on you, on your skin.

3) D/s - just in the bedroom or does it run through all aspects of life together?
 I guess that depends on the couple. Friends family co-workers most of these don’t understand the lifestyle. Some people will frown at it, other are fascinated. Every couple entering into a BDSM contract has to establish whether or not their roles extend further than the dungeon or a scene or their bedroom or home. Find what works best for both of you. The submissive in the bedroom is not usually the submissive outside the home.

4) What drew you to D/s?
There are different viewpoints on this, some subs know from an early age they are submissive. It's an instinct, a natural hunger in their soul to serve, please and to be needed, depended on. No dominant can "Dom" without needing a submissive to please them. For me the hunger was there to lay at the feet of a man that held authority over me, a man I would give my heart and soul because it pleases us both for me to serve him in his every need. A man that knew and understood the gift I was giving him the value of it, the meaning of what true submission is.

5) The real power in a D/s relationship is with the s, do you agree?
Yes, I do, however, as a sub you should not let that overrule you. Yes you hold power but that power is more in the form of a safety measure, set in place for you. We are all human, we sometimes get caught up in the ecstasy of the moment. A Dom has as much a right to use a safe word and stop the scene as the sub. BDSM can be very confusing for first time players, it sure as hell was for me. I always say to my Dom "Play my body and you will have my trust, seduce my mind and you will own my soul.