Thursday, May 8, 2014

Laura’s Review of, Out of Bounds by Dawn Ryder

If you have read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) by E.L. James,  Beauty from Pain (Beauty, #1) by Georgia Cates, and Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) b y J. Kenner, then you will LOVE this book!

Basic Summary
           Power may be best when it’s shared…

          He’s used to dominating…

          Tarak Nektosha is a self-made man, against all odds.  He accomplished that by making sure he’s the one in charge, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

          She’s taking her power back…

          Sabra Donovan has ambition to spare and energy to burn.  So what if her last lover was a disappointment?  She’s never going to be anyone’s plaything ever again.

          Sabra’s outstanding performance at a corporate photo op attracts Tarak’s attention, and he lines being to blur.  What happens when the one on top surrenders and the one used to obeying begins to call the shots?

First Impressions
            I love the sexual tensions between Sabra and Tarak, it just grabs you the second they both lay eyes on each other and so far it has not let me go.  Sabra as the protagonist in the book so far hasn’t bore me yet and that’s definitely a good thing.  Right away you see Sabra getting out of a bad relationship and I like the fact that she isn’t some whiney virgin like many of the books that fit into this genre.  So far the pace is of the story is pretty good and definitely has my attention.

What I Loved
             This book is sexy with a capital S!  I haven’t read a book in a long time that is just filled to the brim with glorious sex scenes, and this book definitely satisfied my needs.  Thank you Dawn Ryder for writing such an amazing sexy character like Tarak and making his sex drive insatiable!

          The character development in this book was great, I really felt like I knew what kind of frame of mind Sabra is coming from, and the same can be said for Tarak as well.  I like that his back story is a bit of a mystery that slowly gets unlocked as the book goes on.  I am a woman who loves some mystery and intrigue while I’m reading so it was great to slowly figure Tarak out.  I would have to say my favorite scene in the book deals with some very hot sex and a very supportive table! 

Not So Much
                I didn’t really enjoy the flow of this book, while the pace was really good, the transition from scene to scene was very rough and sometimes not explained.  One minute Sabra is in her office, the next sentence she’s in the car going back to the cabin with no lead in to her actions. 

          Also the details in certain parts were awesome and I appreciate an author putting them in, because most don’t, but it was inconsistent.  I get a very detailed description of Tarak’s cabin in Alaska, but all I know about his office in California is that it’s huge and so is his desk.  Inconsistencies just really annoy me and it distracted me from the book. 

          There just wasn’t a lot of follow through with scenes as well.  At a certain point one of the characters is hit in the face hard, but no one goes to ice or take care of the bruise.  Plus there is no need to go home and get it checked out; they continue eating dinner like nothing happened.  If someone punched me in the face, I wouldn’t continue eating my dinner in a restaurant without at least putting some ice on it.  The same goes from other scenes in the book that just weren’t followed through like they should’ve been.

This Book Was…
                Pretty good!  I have been in need of a hot steamy millionaire romance and this book definitely fulfilled that need.  I loved the sexual chemistry between Tarak and Sabra and the constant wanting between the two of them just makes the book ten times better.  The story itself was really good and there are definitely elements of it that help set it apart in a genre that is flooded with normalcy.  I love the character of Tarak, the minute he came onto the scene I was instantly turned on and that didn’t end till I finished the book.

          The writing itself was just a little rough around the edges, and a lot of the sentences seemed fragmented and out of place at times.  I will say though that the version I read is an ARC and some of those might change in the final copy version.  I know this book is labeled as being in the BDSM genre, and it is spoken about in the book but they really don’t truly get into actual BDSM.  I was really looking forward to long sex scenes that involved some toys and a lot of pain but that didn’t happen.  Power exchange is touched upon but if you’re looking for a hard core BDSM story this one is not for you.   Over all though this was a really good story with a wonderful ending, if you’re in the mood for lots of sex in a book then this is the book for you! 

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